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Water Quality in Lake Mead

Date Posted: August 30, 1999

The Southern Nevada Field Office (SNFO) continues coordination with local, State, and Federal agencies to address water quality issues at Las Vegas Wash and Lake Mead. The Service participates as a member of the Lake Mead Water Quality Forum and the Las Vegas Wash Coordination Committee to find ways to improve water quality in these impacted water bodies. The SNFO will be involved with two Lake Mead contaminant investigations this summer. First, SNFO will be assisting the U.S. Geological Survey in conducting a two year follow up study to verify results of a 1995 investigation where common carp exhibited evidence of endocrine disruption. The trust resource of concern is the endangered razorback sucker for which Lake Mead has been designated as critical habitat. Sampling is scheduled from May - September 1999. Second, the Nevada Fish and Wildlife Office and SNFO will look at the effects of contaminants in the Las Vegas Wash to two endangered species, the Yuma clapper rail and the southwestern willow flycatcher.


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