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Service Contaminants Biologists Honored by Environmental Protection Agency

Date Posted: June 16, 2000

Division of Environmental Contaminants (DEC) staff Mary Henry and Scott Sobiech were recently honored at an Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs (EPA-OPP) award ceremony for their contributions as part of the EPA-OPP Endangered Species Protection Team. The EPA-OPP's award process requires that an independent awards board review all nominations and make recommendations to EPA-OPP's senior management regarding the merit of each nomination. The team was honored for "innovative, resource-saving approaches to effective protection of endangered species." Ms. Henry, Mr. Sobiech, George Noguchi, Mike Horton (Division of Endangered Species) and several other DEC staff contributed and provided technical assistance to the EPA "during the protracted and highly visible review of [the] controversial new insecticide [chlorfenapyr], culminating in the unprecedented decision to recommend denial based on ecological risk." DEC is extremely proud that the Service was involved in and contributed to the cooperative decision-making process that resulted in proactive conservation of trust resources.

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