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Anacostia River Restoration - Washington, D.C.

Date Posted: December 22, 1999

Chesapeake Bay Field Office (CBFO) Environmental Contaminants specialists are active participants in the Anacostia Watershed Toxics Alliance, a newly formed organization committed to applying a watershed approach, to reduce toxic contaminant inputs and enhance the restoration of the Anacostia River. The Alliance is a partnership that includes both public (e.g., Environmental Protection Agency, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Navy, state and local governments, academic institutions) and private parties and stakeholders. Activities to date include: data acquisition and compilation, drafting of a workplan for Fiscal Year 2000 and development of workgroups to focus on various future activities, such as ecological and human health risk assessment, remediation technology and outreach. The Alliance is still in its infancy, but has great promise to restore the Anacostia River, in Washington, D.C.

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