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Phase 2 Design for Hudson River Dredging Federal Trustee Letter (6/21/2011)

Date Posted: June 22, 2011

The Federal Natural Resource Trustees urge General Electric to maximize the benefits of the habitat reconstruction component of the remedial design, incorporate primary restoration into the remedy, and strengthen the adaptive management and monitoring program to increase the likelihood of successful recovery. This can be achieved by modifying the final design to be more sensitive to the environment, more consistent with restoration principles, and more directed at maximizing restoration of the habitats harmed by the remedy and by residual PCBs.

General Electric's Hudson Falls Plant and Bakers Falls on the Hudson River. EPA Photo.Federal Trustee Letter (dated 6/21/2011) to General Electric on Phase 2 Design for Hudson River Dredging (3.0 MB pdf)



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More information and additional reports and documents can be found on the Hudson River Natural Resource Damage Assessment web site.

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