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Service Biologists Participate in BioBlitz

Date Posted: May 21, 2007

Environmental Contaminants Biologist, Kelly Geer, and Endangered Species Biologist, Deblyn Mead, participated in the Rock Creek Park BioBlitz May 18 and 19. A BioBlitz is a 24-hour event in which teams of scientists, volunteers, and community members join forces to learn more about the biological diversity of an urban park and to better understand how to protect it. The BioBlitz is also an opportunity for adults, kids, and teens to join biologists in the field, participate in bona fide research expeditions, and learn from the experts about biodiversity - both around the planet and in our own backyards.

In twenty-four hours 666 species of plant and animal were identified at Rock Creek Park. However, this number will likely change as the scientists continue to identify and catalog their finds, so check back here for updates over the next few weeks.

The 2007 Rock Creek BioBlitz was a partnership between the National Geographic Society and Rock Creek National Park. It is the first of ten annual BioBlitzes to be conducted by National Geographic in different urban parks.

About Rock Creek Park
When Rock Creek Park was founded in 1890, it was on the edge of the growing city of Washington, D.C., and was already a favorite area for rural retreat. This wooded preserve is now surrounded by intense development. It contains a wide range of natural, historical, and recreational resources.

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