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Hudson River Trustees Release Draft Study Plan for 2007 Avian Injury Study

Date Posted: February 28, 2007

The Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees have released a Draft Study Plan for an Avian Injury Study - Amendment for Year 2 (2007) for public review and comment. The work proposed for 2007 entails evaluating the effects of a PCB mixture relevant to tree swallows from the Upper Hudson River in a controlled egg injection study and evaluating the effects of in situ PCB exposure in the Upper Hudson River tree swallows post-hatch by studying the physiology of nestlings, adults and additional hatchlings by comparing measures across a spectrum of PCB exposed birds and between the Upper Hudson River site and reference sites. As this study entails injury endpoints, the Trustees will perform a peer review of the proposed work and are also issuing this Draft Study Plan Amendment for public review and comment, in accordance with the Hudson River NRDA Plan. Comments should be submitted to the Trustees by March 30, 2007.

Kathryn Jahn (607) 753-9334

Please visit the following website for a copy of the Draft Study Plan and contact information for submitting comments:

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