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Reducing Pesticide Impacts at Klamath Basin via Education and Cooperation

Date Posted: February 5, 2002

Klamath Falls EC staff continue to be actively involved in Klamath Basin Refuge issues. Recently, the EC staff participated in a presentation to farmers who hold agricultural leases on Klamath Basin Refuges. Lease agreements include restrictions on pesticide use determined by the Region 1 Pesticide Use Proposal (PUP) committee. This committee consists of biologists that have knowledge of farming and the effects of pesticides on fish and wildlife. Restrictions, such as requiring buffers (no-spray zones) along creeks and streams, are placed on the use of pesticides to minimize the impacts to fish and wildlife. The purpose of the presentation was to inform lease holders about the methods used to determine pesticide use restrictions and provide a format for feedback from farmers and their pesticide applicators. EC staff recently presented a paper entitled “Pesticide Impact Assessment in Tule Lake and Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuges” at the Klamath Basin Fish & Water Management Symposium. This paper reviewed the results of a 3-year study that monitored pesticide levels in the Refuge to determine if any levels reached concentrations known to be harmful to fish and wildlife. The purpose of the symposium was to bring together scientists, landowners, residents, and other parties interested in the Klamath Basin to promote an integrated basin-wide approach to planning, research, restoration and management activities. EC staff also participated in the development of a brochure entitled “Reducing Pesticide Risk to Wildlife.” This brochure provides basic information on pesticide impacts to wildlife and ways of reducing these impacts. The brochure is intended for homeowners as well as others who use pesticides but are not licensed applicators. It has been distributed at several local events including the Migratory Bird Day Celebration and the Klamath Basin Symposium.


Tony Hawkes, 541-885-8481.


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