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New Environmental Contaminants Research Published

Date Posted: October 4, 2007

A USGS publication titled "Biomonitoring of Environmental Status and Trends (BEST) Program: Environmental Contaminants, Health Indicators, and Reproductive Biomarkers in Fish from the Mobile, Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint, Savannah, and Pee Dee River Basins" was just released. Fish and Wildlife Service staff from the Daphne Field Office (Peter Tuttle, Andy Ford, Warren Lorenz, Scott Floyd) assisted in the Mobile River Basin.

Organochlorine chemical residues, elemental contaminants, health indicators, and reproductive biomarkers were measured in black bass and common carp from these basins in 2004. The report highlights contaminant concentrations that exceeded criteria for fish and wildlife and health indicators and reproductive biomarkers that were anomalous. Similar to previous BEST project results, the intersex condition in male bass was widespread.

USGS contact: Jo Ellen Hinck 573-876-1808).

USFWS contact: Peter Tuttle

The report is available on-line at

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