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Hudson River Trustees Respond to Public Comments on Mink Injury Study

Date Posted: March 16, 2007

The Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees have released a Responsiveness Summary for the Mink Injury Study. The Responsiveness Summary provides Trustee agency responses to public comments on and questions about the Trustees' Study Plan for Mink Injury Investigations for the Hudson River, Draft for Public Review and Comment, dated June 13, 2006. This Responsiveness Summary has been prepared pursuant to the Hudson River NRDA Plan. All comments received on the Draft Mink Injury Study Plan, as part of the peer and public review process, were considered by the Trustees in development of the Final Study Plan, which was released by the Trustees in October 2006.

Kathryn Jahn (607)753-9334

Please visit the following website for a copy of the Responsiveness Summary: The Final Study Plan and other documents for the Hudson River NRDA are also available at that web site.

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