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World Water Monitoring Day

Date Posted: March 12, 2004

Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Environmental Quality (DEQ) staff joined the America’s Clean Water Foundation, the International Water Association and a growing list of partners on Clean Water issues, to celebrate the World Water Monitoring Day, 2003. DEQ staff were encouraged, along with partners, customers, coworkers, colleagues and friends, to head to their local waterways to take part in water quality monitoring. By doing so, DEQ staff help citizens of all races, creeds, nationalities and ages learn more about water quality issues that face all of us throughout the world and their implications for biological conservation worldwide.

The World Water Monitoring website (see link, below) contains helpful information and resources. World Water Monitoring Day 2004 is scheduled for October 18. The water monitoring period will be from September 18 through October 18.

Ed Moyer, World Water Monitoring Day Coordinator

Geoffrey Ekechukwu, US Fish and Wildlife Service Contact, 703-358-2148

World Water Monitoring Day

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