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Sacramento Environmental Contaminants Division Chief Receives Award

Date Posted: June 13, 2007

Dan Welsh, received an award for his outstanding work on Natural Resource Damage Assessments and Restoration over the past 10 years and for exemplifying the concept of cooperative conservation. Dan has been part of the Environmental Contaminants Program for more than a decade, first as Natural Resource Damage Assessment Branch chief, and now as Environmental Contaminants Division Chief in the Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office.

In addition, Dan has built and maintained the best Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration program in the Fish and Wildlife Service, and has designed and implemented restoration projects valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver on-the-ground restoration for natural resources injured by oil and chemical releases. Most of these projects have benefited other Service programs such as Refuges, Fisheries, and Migratory Birds. In achieving these results, Dan has steadfastly worked with other federal agencies, state agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector in a positive and constructive manner that has significantly furthered the mission and improved the image of the Service.

The Sacramento Fish and Wildlife Office is recognized throughout the Service and the Department of the Interior as leaders and innovators in the Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration arena.


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