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Water Quality Issues as Potential Limiting Factors Affecting Juvenile Atlantic Salmon Life Stages in Maine Rivers : A Report to the Maine Atlantic Salmon Technical Advisory Committee

Steven E. Mierzykowski Terry A. Haines Richard Dill Clem Fay Merry Gallagher Daniel Kircheis


The Signatories to the Maine Atlantic Salmon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), in a letter to the TAC chair, requested guidance to resolve the issue whether water quality issues are a concern for the management of Atlantic salmon and worthy of future management investments. The issues of particular interest were acidification and endocrine disruptor chemicals, but other water quality issues were also to be considered. The signatories specifically requested information relative to the following three aspects: a) Are water quality data and on-going efforts to gather more data currently available and adequate to determine if water quality issues are a limiting factor related to the restoration of Atlantic salmon- If not, please recommend an approach so the significance of the identified water quality issues can be properly assessed. b) What are the relative priorities in the areas of water quality survey and inventory as compared with basic research into the impacts of the water quality factors on Atlantic salmon- c) Identify watersheds with the greater and lesser probabilities of vulnerability to the water quality issues identified. In formulating a response to these questions, the committee met several times to debate the issues, review relevant reports and publications to determine the state of research on the issues, searched data archives and queried various environmental agencies to locate applicable water quality data, and prepare the written response.

Maine Atlantic Salmon Commission



U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - Maine Contaminants Program

Last updated: June 12, 2015