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The Division of Congressional and Legislative Affairs is responsible for the Service's legislative and congressional relations activities, and for making recommendations for initiatives to the Assistant Director - External Affairs. The Division prepares legislative programs and reviews and reports on legislation referred by the Department of the Interior, coordinating the Service view with other bureaus and offices to achieve Service objectives; and serves as central contact for the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs and individual Members and committees of the Congress. The Division provides information and material in response to congressional inquiries and other assistance as required by Members of Congress.


Assistant Director: Tom Melius
Chief: Christine Eustis
January, 2005

( Backups in Parentheses )

Steve Bekkerus Eastern Refuges (Regions 3, 4,5)/Division of Realty, Visitor Service
  Transportation (Matt)
  Challenge Cost Share Grants (Matt)
  Environmental Contaminants, Superfund/NRDA (Doug)
  Agriculture/Farm Bill (Matt/Edward)
  Region 4, including Everglades (Matt)
Edward Brooks Native American Issues, including Tribal Wildlife Grandts (Matt)
  Service-General/Non-resource Issues
  General Regional Information Requests
  Resident Game Hunting, Chronic Wasting Disease (Steve)
  Congressional Affairs Update/White House Report (Doug)
  Region 5
Bob Clarke Endangered Species Act Conservation and Classification (Doug)
  BRec Issues (CALFED, Trinity River) (Matt)
  Federal Assistance and State Programs (Lesli)
  Fisheries (except Scaling Up) (Matt)
  Coastal Program, including Coastal grants (Lesli)
  NOAA Issues (e.g. Ocean Commission Report, Coral Reefs, MagStevens)
  Region 2 & CNO Office
Doug Kroffa
(for Shawn Finley)
Endangered Species Act Consultation, Habitat Conservation Planning
Recovery and State Grants (Bob)
  Non-native, Invasive Species (Matt)
  National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Matt)
  Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act (Steve)
  Sikes Act (Bob)
  Clean Water Act, 404 program.FERC, NWI (Bob)
  Region 3
Matt Huggler Western Refuges (Region 1,3,6 and 7); Division of Law Enforcement,
Conservation, Planning and Policy, Natural Resources - Fire, WildernessSteve
  Law Enforcement (Lesli/Edward)
  Army Corps of Engineers/WRDA (Bob)
  Partners program (related to Farm Bill: Steve)
  Fisheries Scaling Up (including invasives such as Habitatitude) (Bob)
  Region 1 & 7 including other Alaska Issues (Steve)
Lesli Gray ESA Reauthorization (Bob, Doug)
  International Affairs (Matt)
  Appropriations (Steve)
  Marine Mammals (Bob)
  Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Reauthorization (Steve)
  Region 6
Christine Eustis Energy Legislation, Weekly Meeting Memo (Lesli)

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