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North Carolina Partners

"North Carolina Partners" is a cooperative program between:

USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Severice North Carolina Resource Commission Ducks Unlimited U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service


Working together, these four agencies/organizations help private landowners develop wetland habitats on their property. By providing technical assistance and cost share funds, we support projects that will provide habitat for waterfowl, shorebirds, wading birds and other wildlife.

If you are a private landowner in North Carolina and are interested in wetland restoration and management on your property, give us a call at 252-796-2401 or e-mail kendall_smith@fws.gov to discuss how this program may be able to help. For additional information and details about the program, take a look at the NC Partners factsheet.

NC Partners Program - Fact Sheet (You will need Adobe Acrobat to view this document)

Prior Converted Cropland Restored Managed Impoundment
Before: A Prior-Converted Wetland (cropland) Before Wetland Restoration.
Photos USFWS unless otherwise posted
After Restoration: Managed Impoundment With A Good Stand
of Moist Soil Vegetation.

Photos USFWS unless otherwise posted
Managed Beaver Pond Waterfowl Habitat

Habitat types may include beaver ponds, agricultural fields,
or bottomland forests.
Photos USFWS unless otherwise posted

Project sites are designed to provide wetland habitats to waterfowl, shorebirds, and other wildlife.

Photos USFWS unless otherwise posted

Waterfowl Habitat  

Projects meet the needs of migratory waterfowl by providing shallow water habitats from September until April.

Photos USFWS unless otherwise posted






Last Updated: October 06, 2009