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Coastal Cutthroat Trout Conservation Initiative

Measuring, weighing, and tagging cutthroat trout in Tryon Creek.The range-wide coastal cutthroat trout conservation initiative was established following the 2005 Coastal Cutthroat Trout Symposium. It is a collaboration between the states of Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington, the Province of British Columbia, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the US Geological Survey, the US Forest Service, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, and the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. The goal of this initiative is to develop and implement a framework by which Federal, State and other entities can address the conservation needs of coastal cutthroat trout. The role of US Fish and Wildlife Service – Columbia River Fisheries Program Office toward this end was to initiate this effort, with assistance from the Regional Office and the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Office, and participate in the process by providing technical assistance in meeting the objectives of the conservation initiative. Those objectives are to develop and implement a range-wide conservation plan and establish and maintain a range-wide centralized database that can be use to assess the status of coastal cutthroat trout. By accomplishing these objectives, these activities fulfill the mission of the CRFPO through determination of the status of coastal cutthroat trout; development, implementation and evaluation of conservation measures for the species; and, ultimately, preventing the future listing of coastal cutthroat trout.


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