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David Hand

David HandDavid is a native northwesterner who took a circuitous route to becoming a Fish Biologist at the Columbia River Fisheries Program Office.    As a Fish Biologist, David devotes much of his time to the Deschutes River Investigations project, evaluating the effects of hatchery production on wild fish populations in the Warm Springs and Deschutes rivers.  He works closely with the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to monitor juvenile and adult survival of hatchery and wild spring Chinook salmon and steelhead populations.  He also works on run-reconstructions and developing run forecast models for adult fish populations in the Deschutes Basin. Most recently, David has been involved in the Service’s implementation of Strategic Habitat Conservation and the development of the “Guidance on Selecting Species for Design of Landscape-scale Conservation”, also known as the Surrogate Species approach.

When not at work, David enjoys traveling overseas to provide himself a new frame of reference for understanding the world and his role in it.  He also surfs the Oregon coast, enjoying the freedom and solitude of the vast ocean, and he often likes to hit the links in his eternal quest for par.  At some point, David hopes to re-learn how to play his Scottish bagpipes so the sound will resemble something close to a melody instead of the bleating of a lame sheep.

To contact David, please call 360.604.2500 or email

Last updated: February 14, 2013
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