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  • Region 8 Round-Up: A two-minute video round-up of happenings in the Pacific Southwest Region.

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    Credit: Steve Martarano/USFWS

    Water Restored to Cullinan Ranch After 100 Year Absence

    Tidal waters returned to the Cullinan Ranch portion of San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge last week, after over a 100-year absence. Dozens of onlookers from the Audubon Society, Save the Bay and other organizations involved in the restoration project gathered to watch an excavator remove the final tidal levee. Once enough dirt was removed, the salty water rushed into the restoration area recreating marsh habitat that is one-and-a-half times larger than Golden Gate Park.

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    Credit: Madeline Yancey/USFWS

    Nets Aren't Just for Catching Fish -- Rocket Nets Used to Capture Aleutian Cackling Geese During the Annual Banding Event

    Teams of wildlife management personnel from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife participated in the capture and banding at more than 400 Aleutian Cackling geese on San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge recently. The geese were banded as part of the program to monitor the size and health of the species' population.

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    Credit: Matt Hilman/USFWS

    Volunteers remove fences, improve wildlife habitat on Bitter Creek NWR

    Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge, south of Maricopa, Calif., established in 1986 to protect sensitive California condor foraging and roosting habitat, was once an historic cattle ranch and farm. With the acquisition came with dilapidated buildings, antique farming equipment and miles of degraded barbed wire fencing. While the Service and its partners have preserved or removed much of it, committed volunteers continue these efforts to restore the landscape to a more natural state by removing the remaining fence lines piece-by-rusted-piece.

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