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The Analytical Control Facility (ACF) currently provides the analytical chemistry capability for the Fish and Wildlife Service’s environmental contaminants program to perform its mission.

ACF Provides:

  • Quality assurance and quality control on the vast majority of chemical analyses performed for the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Management services for contract analytical laboratories.
  • Rapid turnaround analyses for emergency samples.
  • Management of the Environmental Contaminants Data Management System, an on-line computerized database of sample collection data and analytical results that is an integral part of the Service’s Contaminants Information Management and Analysis System.

ACF Results Support the Program’s Ability to:

  • Provide biological, toxicological, as well as analytical chemistry data that can be directly used by the Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners to effect positive resource management outcomes.
  • Associate chemical exposure and biological and toxicological phenomena in investigations, determine risk to resources in its prevention activities and cleanup recommendations and link cause with effect in critical natural resource damage.
  • Evaluate and develop mathematical models of fish and wildlife and their exposures to chemical pollutants of toxicological significance, provide data in the support of models developed by our partners, evaluate chemical data of others for consistency in area of mutual interest.