Coastal Barrier Resources Act

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Proposed Boundaries Data Set Disclaimer

This proposed boundaries data set was created for the digital remapping of four John H. Chafee Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) units in Alabama. The data set complies with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure and other standards established by the Federal Geographic Data Committee. The locations of the proposed CBRS boundaries are relative to features on the base map. The Service makes no claim regarding the proposed CBRS boundary locations relative to features on other base map sources, which may show homes, roads, and other features in slightly different positions. The Service is not responsible for any misuse or misinterpretation of this digital data set, including use of the boundaries to determine eligibility for Federal financial assistance such as Federal flood insurance.

The boundaries depicted in this data set are proposed only. Copies of the official CBRS maps are available for download at For an official determination of whether or not an area or specific property is located within the CBRS, or for any questions regarding the CBRS, please contact your local FWS office. Contact information for FWS field offices can be found at the CBRA staff web page. 


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