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Threatened and Endangered Species

Under the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is required to conduct a status review of listed species at least once every 5 years. On the basis of these reviews, we recommend whether or not any species should be removed from the list (delisted), reclassified from endangered to threatened (downlisted), reclassified from threatened to endangered (uplisted), or have no change in status.

If you wish to locate Federal Register documents announcing the initiation and completion of 5-year reviews for the Pacific Southwest Region (California, Nevada, and Klamath Basin - Region 8), you may find them here.

Or, if a table with all listed plants and animals within Region 8 containing species-specific information and links to documents, including five-year reviews works better for you, that information may be found on the Service's Species Profile page. Click on the name of a species located on this site and you will be taken to that species' profile page.

Lastly, if you wish to locate completed 5-Year Reviews from FY 2007 - 2010 that are broken down by Fish and Wildlife Office within Region 8, please visit our Endangered Species Act Review Lists.



Completed 5-Year Reviews of Listed Species in the Carlsbad Office:

Completed 5-year reviews through 2012



Ash-grey paintbrush pdf (850KB)

Bear Valley sandwort pdf (856KB)

Catalina Island mountain-mahogany pdf

California taraxacum pdf (742KB)

Cushenbury buckwheat pdf (1.26MB)

Cushenbury milk-vetch pdf (1.15MB)

Cushenbury oxytheca pdf (1.14MB)

Encinitas baccharis pdf (583 KB)

Hidden Lake Bluecurls pdf (630KB)

Mexican flannelbush pdf (1.11MB)

Munz's onion pdf (555KB)

Nevin's barberry pdf (687KB)

Otay tarplant pdf (5.51MB)

Parish's daisy pdf (1.18MB)

Pedate checker-mallow pdf (1.23 MB)

Peirson's milk-vetch pdf

Salt marsh bird's-beak pdf (1.10MB)

San Bernardino bluegrass pdf

San Bernardino Mountains bladderpod pdf (1.10MB)

San Clemente Island lotus pdf (958 KB)

San Clemente Island bush mallow pdf (579.4 KB)

San Clemente Island paintbrush pdf (552.2 KB)

San Clemente Island larkspur pdf (981KB)

San Clemente Island woodland star pdf

San Diego thornmint pdf (747KB)

San Jacinto Valley crownscale pdf (10.5MB)

Santa Cruz Island rock-cress pdf (1.41MB)

Southern mountain buckwheat pdf (830KB)

Spreading navarretia pdf (846KB)

Thread-leaved brodiaea pdf (754KB)

Triple-ribbed milk-vetch pdf (714KB)

Vail Lake ceanothus pdf (568KB)

Willowy monardella pdf



California Least Tern pdf (1.88MB)

Desert slender salamander pdf

Island Night Lizard pdf (1.13 MB)

Least Bell's Vireo pdf (1.55MB)

Light-footed clapper rail pdf (802KB)

Mountain yellow-legged frog (Southern California Distinct Population Segment) pdf (836.44 KB)

Peninsular bighorn sheep pdf (1.44 MB)

San Bernardino kangaroo rat pdf (1.34MB)

San Clemente loggerhead shrike pdf

San Clemente sage sparrow pdf

Stephens' kangaroo rat pdf (554 KB),




Delhi Sands flower-loving fly pdf (4.61MB)

El Segundo blue butterfly pdf (1.39MB)

Laguna Mountains Skipper pdf (2.29MB)

Palos Verdes blue butterfly pdf

Quino checkerspot butterfly pdf (588KB)

Riverside fairy shrimp pdf (1MB)

San Diego fairy shrimp pdf (804KB)


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