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Recovery - Permits

Recovery permits are issued to scientists in order to study and/or conduct specific research activities with federally listed threatened and endangered species. The information obtained from these permitted activities provides us with a better understanding on how best to conserve, manage, and recover federally protected species.

Recovery Permit Application Form

The Fish and Wildlife Service recovery permit application form 3-200-55 is available on the web or through our Carlsbad Recovery Permits Coordinator. We recommend you take a moment to read the instructions prior to filling out this form.

Please be sure you are using a current copy of the Recovery Permit application form 3-200-55. The expiration date in the upper right hand corner should say 12/31/2017.

Practical Exams and Surveying Information

Some species research requires an individual to pass a practical exam in order to obtain a new permit or renew an existing permit. 

To help establish the presence or absence of certain federally listed species found within the CFWO area of responsibility, the following standardized survey protocols are recommended and may be found on our Survey and Monitoring Information web page.

Other species within the Service's Pacific Southwest Region having survey protocols and guidelines can be found here.

Minimum Qualifications for Obtaining Recovery Permits

Region 8 minimum qualifications:

For additional information and assistance on recovery permits, contact:

Stacey Love, Carlsbad Recovery Permits Coordinator

Email:   Phone: 760-431-9440 Ext. 263

To learn more about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s permit program, please go to the following websites:


Pacific pocket mouse Photo: Mark Pavelka/USFWS
Mark Pavelka, USFWS



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