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Survey Information - Quino checkerspot butterfly

  Dear 10(a)(1)(A) Recovery Permit holder,

We are discontinuing the section of the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office website entitled "Quino checkerspot butterfly Protocol and Monitoring Information." 

For the 2014 survey season, we recommend that surveyors continue to implement protocol surveys in accordance with the revised February 2014 guidelines ("Quino Checkerspot ButterflySurvey Protocol"). Service will no longer be advising surveyors on the conditions and timing of the butterfly flight season based on reference site monitoring. It is the responsibility of the permitted biologist to determine when to commence surveys given local environmental and topographic conditions within the survey area and to justify the validity of the surveyed period to the Service upon submission of the survey findings (e.g. 45-day report).

Questions regarding this notice should be directed to the Recovery Permit Coordinator at 760-431-9440, extension 310.


2014 Quino Checkerspot Butterfly Survey Protocol (pdf) (4,079 kb)

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