Ecological Services in the Caribbean
Oficina de Servicios Ecológicos del Caribe -- Southeast Region
Map of the Southeast Region


Process Overview for Project Evaluations


Technical Assistance Process

Informal Consultations Process

Formal Consultations Process



Go to IPAC

View species that may be affected and weigh site options.


1. Get started by requesting an official species list through IPAC.

2. Determine if proposed actions jeopardize protected species and their habitats.

3.a When actions meet the “no effect” determination to federally listed threatened and endangered species and their habitats use this template as guidance to create your Self-Certification Letter.

For federal projects consider the following Blanket Clearance Letters:

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Transportation Authority

Housing and Urban Development

Rural Development

Federal Communications Commission


3.b When actions may jeopardize protected species, submit a technical assistance request package to Marelisa Rivera, Deputy Field Supervisor at

787-851-7297 x 206

Project Review Process

Blanket Clearance Letters





Last updated: February 17, 2015
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