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Comprehensive Conservation Plan


Cape Romain NWR Comprehensive Conservation Plan

  Oystercatchers in flight. Credit: Felicia Sanders
  Oystercatchers in flight. Credit: Felicia Sanders©



Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge is an interwoven, dynamic system where tides ebb and flow through the tidal creeks of a vast expanse of salt marsh; where coastal beaches and marshes meet maritime forests; and where submerged aquatic organisms thrive and provide the foundation for estuarine life. The refuge manages, conserves, and protects these diverse habitats to support a multitude of migratory birds, sea turtles, fish and other wildife. The refuge provides a world-class living laboratory to foster excellence in biological and ecological research and enables students to learn and experience the natural world. Visitors can hear songbirds calling in the maritime forest, watch shorebirds feed on the tidal flats and oyster bars, or find solitude by fishing in the tidal creeks bisecting the marshy Wilderness Area.

Purpose and Need for the Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Conservation Plan is to develop management actions that best achieve the refuges purposes; to attain the vision and goals developed for the refuge; contribute to the National Wildlife Refuge System mission; address key challenges, issues and relevant mandates; and is consistent with sound principles of fish and wildlife management.

Specifically, the Plan:

  • Provides a clear statement of refuge management direction.
  • Provides refuge neighbors, visitors, and government officials with an understanding of Service management actions on and around the refuge.
  • Ensures that Service management actions, including land protection and recreation/education programs, are consistent with the mandates of the National Wildlife Refuge System.
  • Provides a basis for the development of budget requests for operations, maintenance, and capital improvement needs.

The Cape Romain CCP outlines programs and corresponding resource needs for the next 15 years, as mandated by the National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act of 1997.The CCP identifies a number of issues, concerns, and opportunities related to fish and wildlife protection; habitat restoration; wilderness; public recreation; and management of threatened and endangered species.

Cape Romain CCP


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Last updated: February 12, 2013
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