Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Mountain-Prairie Region


Technical Assistance

The Bozeman Fish Technology Center offers Technical Assistance to national and state fish hatcheries, conservation propagation programs, fish management offices, state, tribal and non-governmental organizations in the following areas:

  • Spawning and Reproduction
  • Histological Analysis
  • Specialized Feed Development
  • Fish Tissue and Feed Analysis
  • Fish Passage and Screens
  • Water Treatment and Recirculating Systems
  • Water Quality and Monitoring
  • Traditional and Intensive Fish Culture
  • Aquatic Ecosystem Health
  • HACCP Planning
  • Teaching and Training Courses (Fish Culture, Fish Physiology, Fish Nutrition, Water Treatment and Processes)

For more information about technical assistance, please contact:


Dr. Robert Muth, Center Director
(406) 994-9903