Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Mountain-Prairie Region

Research Programs: Nutrition and Diet Development (Photos clockwise from left) Flake feed, June sucker feed trial, Feed lab

Nutrition and Diet Development

The Research Program in Fish Nutrition and Diet Development is a cooperative effort with Dr. Rick Barrows of the USDA, Agricultural Research Service Trout-Grains Program.  Recent work includes development of plant-based fish feeds to reduce reliance on ocean forage fish for fish feed protein.  A one-of-a-kind nutrition laboratory onsite allows for the manufacturing of experimental larval, fingerling, and broodstock fish feeds and the testing of many different kinds of ingredients to improve fish performance and quality. This program also develops specialized diets for use in captive rearing of endangered fish species like woundfin, razorback sucker, June sucker and Rio-Grande silvery minnow. 


Lead Researchers: Dr. Gibson Gaylord and Dr. Wendy Sealey

Current Projects