Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Mountain-Prairie Region

Research Programs: Fish Passage and Screening (Photos clockwise from left) Open-channel flume and surrounding view, Open-channel flume, Cleaning open-channel flume, Swim tunnel

Fish Passage and Screening

The Research Program in Fish Passage and Screening at the Bozeman Fish Technology Center (BFTC) is a long-term, multi-agency partnership between the Montana State University Ecology Department, MSU-Western Transport Institute, and the BFTC to address fish passage informational needs in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain Region. Fish swimming and passage studies are performed using state of the art equipment and methods.  Swimming abilities are determined using open channel flume experiments and Loligo swimming tube chambers. The hydraulic environment is characterized and measured in both 1-D and 3-D to aid in developing swimming performance curves. The results can be used to assess barriers, prioritize removals, and design fish passage ways to restore connectivity for fish species.


Lead Researcher: Kevin Kappenman


Current Projects