Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Mountain-Prairie Region

Research Programs (Photos clockwise from left) Bozeman FTC building and lab, Molly Webb performs a bioposy on a shovelnose sturgeon


Sensitive Aquatic Species Conservation Reproductive Physiology and Ecology Fish Nutrition and Diet Development Aquatic Nuisance Species and Aquatic Ecosystem Health Research Programs

Researchers at the Bozeman Fish Technology Center (BFTC) work collaboratively with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Fish Hatchery System, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Offices, Fish Health Centers, and other Federal, State, and private partners. The BFTC’s research focuses on recovery and restoration of sensitive, threatened, and endangered aquatic populations. We have Research Programs in the fields of Reproductive Physiology and Ecology, Fish Nutrition and Diet Development, Traditional Fish Culture and Water Treatment Systems, Sensitive Aquatic Species Conservation, and Aquatic Invasive Species and Aquatic Ecosystem Health. The BFTC also provides Technical Assistance and Contract Services.


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