Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Mountain-Prairie Region


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About Us


History—Bozeman National Fish Hatchery was established on August 5, 1892, for production and stocking of trout in Montana and surrounding states.  Trout production ceased in 1966 when the hatchery was designated as a Fish Cultural Development Center to conduct research on developing methods for improving salmonid culture.  In 1983, the facility was designated as a Fish Technology Center to conduct research and provide technical assistance on a variety of aquatic resource issues.


Present—Bozeman Fish Technology Center (BFTC) is one of six Fish Technology Centers within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Fisheries and Habitat Conservation Program working collaboratively with government, state, university, and private partners.  Fish Technology Centers provide leadership in development of new concepts, strategies, and technologies for science-based conservation and management of aquatic resources.  Applied research and technical services of the BFTC are focused in the fields of Conservation Physiology and Ecology, Fish Nutrition and Diet Development, Fish Passage and Screening, and Sensitive Aquatic Species Conservation.