Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region
Recreational Opportunities

Environmental Education and Interpretation

Wildlife Observation and Photography

Bowdoin NWR has ample opportunities for rewarding encounters with a wide variety of wildlife.  The refuge offers a 15 mile self-guided auto tour route and a 0.4-mile accessible foot trail located at the Display Pond near Refuge headquarters.  The trail features a photo blind, an overlook, and tables for conducting environmental education activities.  Foot travel is allowed on all portions of the refuge except around the shop and residential areas, the railroad right-of-way and where otherwise posted.  Motor vehicles are restricted to the auto tour route and designated parking areas.  Photography is intended for personal use only.  Use of the refuge for commercial filming or photography requires a special use permit and a fee may be required.  Contact the refuge manager for more information.  Please be considerate of wildlife and keep your distance when viewing or photographing them.

Hunting and Fishing

Hunting on Bowdoin NWR- Waterfowl and upland game bird hunting is permitted during the fall in designated hunting areas.  The Refuge complies with state hunting regulations, and enforces several refuge-specific hunting regulations.  Click here for refuge-specific regulations (Please note the following change to the attached public use brochure:  the boat motor horse power restriction has been changed from 10 to 25 hp to protect aquatic vegetation and the boat motor.).

Current Wetland Conditions

Past Harvest Data

Migration dates for key waterfowl species.

Big game hunting is not permitted on Bowdoin NWR.

Hunting on Waterfowl Production Areas

Hunting on Satellite Refuges

youth hunting

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Fishing on Bowdoin NWR- The high alkalinity of the water in Lake Bowdoin does not support sport fishing.

Fishing on Waterfowl Production Areas- Sport fishing is allowed on Waterfowl Production Areas throughout the District, in accordance with state regulations, and subject to the following conditions: you must remove boats, fishing equipment and other personal property at the end of each day.

Fishing on Satellite Refuges- Sport fishing is allowed on Creedman Coulee National Wildlife Refuge in accordance with state regulations. Most of the land within the refuge boundary is private land (inholding); persons wishing to access the private land must gain permission from the landowner.


Last updated: March 7, 2011