Bowdoin National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region
Environmental Education and Interpretation

Many environmental education opportunities are available at Bowdoin NWR.  School and other organized groups can call ahead for a guided tour, slide or video presentations, or wildlife presentations on and off the refuge.  Annual celebrations such as International Migratory Bird Day and National Wildlife Refuge System Week are usually observed with an open house, refuge tour, refreshments, games, and prizes.  These events are listed on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service website ( and advertised in local newspapers.  

EE banding

(FWS Photo)

Auto Tour Route, Kiosk, and Touch-and-See Table

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the Bowdoin NWR through a variety of interpretive media.  A 15-mile self-guided auto tour route winds through a diversity of wildlife habitats.  Keep your binoculars and camera ready for up close and personal views of pronghorn antelope and waterfowl.  This route is open daily during daylight hours, but may be closed during periods of inclement weather.  Visitors are welcome to explore most of the refuge on foot, but vehicles must remain on the designated tour route.  A touch-and-see table is located in the entrance to the refuge headquarters building along with an informative kiosk about the refuge.

Teaching Materials

A list of video and audio tapes, which may be checked out, is available from the refuge office.  Various field guides, a bat teaching trunk and wetlands teaching trunk are also available for use.

Enrichment Days

Each year all elementary school children from Phillips County attend a two-day event in May sponsored by federal, state, and local agencies and businesses.  Six to eight teaching stations are set up along a walking route.  Topics include environmental education, agriculture, technology, etc.  This program has won two Take Pride in America awards. 

Youth Waterfowl Clinic

Refuge staff, and partners provide a 1-day clinic in the fall for youths who would like to learn about waterfowl identification, decoy placement, duck calling, waterdog retrievals, shotgun handling, and safety.

youth in goose blind

(FWS Photo)

Spring Refuge Tours

Various school, college, and adult education groups from across the "HiLine" come each April and May for a tour and slide show of refuge local birds and habitat projects.

Last updated: March 7, 2011