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**New** Expanded hunt opportunities at the Block Island NWR!

Rhode Island Refuges Accomplishments, Reports and Information:

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is unique in several ways. Unlike Rhode Island’s other four refuges, it is not located on the mainland but rather 12 miles off the state’s southern shore on Block Island. Totaling 133 acres, the refuge is distinctive because it works closely with other conservation organizations in an effort to protect land. Most importantly, the refuge is exceptional because of its location on an internationally recognized island of conservation.

Block Island has achieved international conservation significance for at least two important reasons. Foremost, the island is a critical migratory bird stopover point on the Atlantic Coast. Hundreds of small ponds and fruit-bearing shrubs provide essential water and food for more than 250 species of birds who come to rest there. Secondly, Block Island’s international fame is that it is home to 15 rare or endangered species. For these reasons Block Island was named a “Last Great Place” by The Nature Conservancy.

As with all National Wildlife Refuges, the refuge on Block Island maintains wildlife conservation as its first priority. However, refuge beaches are open for walking, bird-watching, and on the northern parcel, visitors can enjoy surf fishing.

New and unique visitor opportunities are being developed, with the renovated visitor facilities at Beane Point as an anchor point. Visitors seeking an out-of-the-way adventure will be delighted by the impressive landscape, the diversity of wildlife, and the knowledge that they are experiencing an exceptional environment when they visit Block Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Kettle Pond Visitor Center and headquarters located in Charlestown, RI, celebrates Block Island National Wildlife Refuge and all of the other refuges in Rhode Island (Ninigret, Trustom Pond, John H. Chafee National Wildlife Refuge at Pettaquamscutt Cove and Sachuest Point) This facility contains enticing interactive exhibits, a gift shop, classrooms for special events, and knowledgeable people where visitors can come and explore the refuges and learn about the wildlife and coastal environments of each refuge. See what Kettle Pond Visitor Center has to offer by visiting our headquarters site here:

Looking for more pictures of our refuges? We have created sets of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service photos at Flickr for your enjoyment. Please visit the following link to the Kettle Pond Visitor Center photos:

Additional photos from our refuges can be found at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Digital Library,

Panorama of Block Island National Wildlife Refuge, including North Light House, Sachem Pond and the Atlantic Ocean separated by a narrow strip of vegetated land.  Bright sunny day, with vegetation in the foreground.

Last updated: March 12, 2014