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Chesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex

Final Comprehensive Conservation Plan

We are very pleased to provide website visitors with the final version of the Chesapeake Marshlands National Wildlife Refuge Complex's Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP).

Please visit the USFWS Library at this link to view the report: Chesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex CCP document.

The Refuge Complex, located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, is comprised of Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Martin NWR, Eastern Neck NWR, Susquehanna NWR and its Barren Island, Watts Island, Bishops Head, and Spring Island Divisions.

A CCP is vital to proper management as it provides a comprehensive framework for consistent and integrated refuge management; defines how the biological integrity, diversity, and environmental health of refuge lands will be maintained; identifies which of six priority wildlife-dependent recreational uses (wildlife observation and photography, hunting, fishing, and environmental education and interpretation) will be allowed, when compatible with refuge purpose(s) and the mission of the Refuge System; and, resolves persistent and extremely important issues affecting the physical, biological, and human environments of the future.

We greatly appreciate your interest in the Chesapeake Marshlands NWR Complex and invite you to read the CCP to learn about the future management of these important natural resources.

Blackwater NWR Staff
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Last updated: September 30, 2010