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Selected Publications and Projects

SUGGESTIONS/SUBMISSIONS WELCOME. These papers or projects were selected as they provide syntheses or summaries. Citations for more specific literature or studies can be obtained by visiting the International Rice Research Institute Library.


Over a 100 citations are provided by Taft, O.W. and C.S. Elphick. 2007. Waterbirds on Working Lands: Literature Review Bibliography. National Audubon Society. 46 pp.
[from the National Audubon Society's Waterbirds and Working Lands Project downloadable resources website.]

White Papers (unpublished reports or guides)

Rice in the Western Hemisphere: Industry Dynamics and Opportunities for Waterbird Conservation. An assessment conducted for the Rice and Waterbirds Working Group by consultants from the University of Maryland Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology Graduate Program.
Download white paper (PDF, 2 MB) and its stand-alone appendix, industry contacts guide (PDF, 11"x17" print table).


Acosta, M. y L. Mugica (2006). Aves en el ecosistema arrocero. Capítulo VI. Pp: 108-135. En: Mugica et al.: Aves acuáticas en los humedales de Cuba. Ed. Científico-Técnica, La Habana, Cuba. Se vende/for sale via Natural History Book Service (NHBS). Proceeds from the sale will help support further bird conservation project work in Cuba.

Blanco, D.E., B. López-Lanús, R.A. Dias, A. Azpiroz & F. Rilla. 2006. Uso de arroceras por chorlos y playeros migratorios en el sur de América del Sur. Implicancias de conservación y manejo. (Use of rice fields by migratory shorebirds in southern South America. Implications for conservation and management.) Wetlands International. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Description and PDF online

Dias, R.A. e M. I. Burger. 2005. A assembléia de aves de áreas úmidas em dois sistemas de cultivo de arroz irrigado no extremo sul do Brasil. Ararajuba 13 (1):63-80 Junho de 2005. PDF/abstract in English

Fasola, M. & Ruíz, X. (1996) The value of rice fields as substitutes for natural wetlands for waterbirds in the Mediterranean region. Ecology, Conservation and Management of Colonial Waterbirds in the Mediterranean Region (eds. A. J. Crivelli, H. Hafner, M. Fasola, R.M. Erwin, & D.A. McCrimmon, Jr.) Colonial Waterbirds, 19 (Special Publication 1), 122-128. Abstract online.

Fasola, M. & Ruíz, X. (1997) Rice farming and waterbirds: integrated management in an artificial landscape. Farming and Birds in Europe: the Common Agricultural Policy and its Implications for Bird Conservation (eds. D.J. Pain & M.W. Pienkowski) Academic Press, San Diego, California.

Lawler, S. P. (2001) Rice Fields as Temporary Wetlands: A Review. Israel Journal of Zoology. Volume 47, Number 4 / 2001. (Editor(s): L. Blaustein and S.S. Schwartz) Pages: 513 - 528. Abstract online


In the U.S.
U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wetland Research Center's Research in Rice Fields
Waterbirds on Working Lands Project of National Audubon Society and Monsanto Fund

In the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Evaluating Rice Fields as Foraging Habitat to Improve Delivery of the Lower Mississippi Valley Joint Venture
Winter-flooded Rice Fields Provide Waterfowl Habitat and Agricultural Values

In California
Birds in California Rice Fields - includes links to several related publications
Agronomic effects of field flooding

In southern South America
Wetland International's Latin America program is evaluating shorebird use of rice fields

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