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Industry Webpages

The USA Rice Federation's introduction to rice and conservation includes some informative links.

Industry news on rice and conservation is available at Rice On-Line.

The California Rice Commissionoutlines recreational activities in the rice-growing region of California's Central Valley, primarily hunting and bird watching (and illustrates the role of rice as a "buffer" for many National Wildlife Refuges and state-based Wildlife Management Areas.

Environmental/Academic Organization Webpages

The International Rice Research Institute, a science and research organization, has developed the Rice Knowledge Bank as an outreach tool to get the science and research out of the laboratory and into the farmers’ fields.

Ducks Unlimited Southern Regional Office promotes rice research and practices to benefits ducks and other migratory birds.

National Audubon Society's Waterbirds and Working Lands project aims to identify and promote practical, agricultural practices that will maintain the economic viability of farms while measurably improving environmental health and wildlife habitat value on private lands.

The University of Arkansas engages in a rice and conservation education program linking youth, rice farmers, county Extension agents, and wildlife biologists.

Bird Initiative Webpages

Waterbird Conservation for the Americas

North American Waterfowl Management Plan

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network and related Shorebird Conservation Plans.

Partners in Flight landbird plans and projects.

Wetlands International - Latin America (in Spanish)

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