Reports & Publications

Data obtained from various migratory bird surveys and programs are used to produce reports and publications (below), guidance documents, management and conservation plans, and hunting regulations - all of which are necessary to conserve and manage migratory birds.

Annual Reports
Population Status - Annual reports that are posted each year around July. They include Waterfowl, Trends in Duck Breeding, American Woodcock, Mourning Dove, Mottled Duck, Band-tailed pigeon and Sandhill Crane.
Flyways - Each administrative Flyway produces various reports or publications that get distributed annually. Such reports include Data Books (Waterfowl Harvest & Population Survey Data specific to each Flyway), Midwinter survey reports and wingbee reports. Upcoming annual Meetings/Events of Interest for each Flyway are also posted here.
Hunting Activity & Harvest - Annual reports, posted in July, produced by the Branch of Harvest Surveys, can be found here along with a special topic report produced in 2002 on the Harvest Informaiton Program: Evaluation and Recommendations.
Adaptive Harvest Management - Annual reports are posted each year in July.

Regulations and Policy Documents
 Zones and Split Seasons for Duck Hunting( bytes) - FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) and Environmental Assessment
 Duck Hunting Regulations for 2015-16 (802.6KB) - FONSI (Finding of No Significant Impact) and Environmental Assessment
Cormorants – This page includes a resource list of current actions including the latest published rule for extended depredation order, environmental assessment, and the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) document. Also included are past actions, general cormorant information, research and symposia documents and cormorant management documents.
• Resident Canada Geese – Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements
Snow Geese – This page includes the final environmental impact statement for Light Goose Management, Notice of Availability Federal Register document, and a summary of questions and answers related to the environmental impact statement.
 Issuance of Annual Regulations Permitting the Hunting of Migratory Birds (15.6MB) – This document is the final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that was published in 2013.
 Environmental Assessment, Proposed Hunting Regulations for the Eastern Population of Sandhill Cranes in the Mississippi Flyway(321.4KB)

Other Reports or Publications of Interest
Adaptive Harvest Management – Find the annual Harvest Management Working Group Minutes here.
Webless Migratory Game Bird Species Management – Documents linked to the management of these various species (doves, pigeons, woodcock, sandhill cranes, rails, gallinules, coot, moorhen and snipe) can be found here.
 Final Teal Assessment Report – An Assessment of the Harvest Potential of North American Teal ( bytes).
 Captive-Reared Mallard Final Report (301KB)
 Captive-Reared Mallard Report Attachments (2.3MB)
Migratory Bird Fact Sheets – These have been developed to share information about our program and ongoing projects.
 National Conservation Training Center Conservation Library - The Conservation Library provides easy access to curriculum-related materials, historic conservation texts, electronic resources and state-of-the-art delivery services. The scope of the collection includes topics covered in all NCTC training classes with an emphasis on natural resource conservation, environmental education and conservation leadership.

Last Updated: December 4, 2015