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International Migratory
Bird Day 2008


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Items in the IMBD Product Catalog

Each IMBD, a variety of educational and promotional materials are developed. Most of these can be bulk-ordered, and a selection can be personalized. Visit the IMBD On-line Store, to browse and order IMBD products.

Contact us to order the full-color Product Catalog in hard-copy.

Note: Products are typically available year-round.

IMBD Fact Sheets

You may feel free to lift information from the IMBD websites ( -or- for your own write-up and fact sheets.

You may also download these publications for handouts, press packets, facts and figures.
(Many items are in .PDF format; if you lack software to view them, you can download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.)

Past (but still relevant!) Fact Sheets
What Exactly Is International Migratory Bird Day?

Celebrating International Migratory Bird Day

Ways Citizens Can Contribute to the Conservation of Wild Birds

Shade Coffee and Migratory Birds

Coffee Birds
Species Depicted in the IMBD 2001 Art

Celebrating Special Places for Birds
The IMBD 2002 Theme

The Four Essential Elements of Habitat

Finding Solutions to Habitat Loss

Catalysts for Conservation
Birds Selected for the IMBD 2003 Art

Perils Past and Present
Major Threats to Birds Over Time

Bird Conservation Timeline

Birds of a Feather, Nesting Together

Conserving Colonial Birds -- At Home and Away

Clear the Way for Birds!: IMBD Explores Bird Collisions

The Danger of Plate Glass: Understanding and Avoiding That Painful Thud

The Trouble with Towers: A Guide to Bird Collisions at Communication Towers

A Fine Line for Birds: A Guide to Bird Collisions at Power Lines

What is the Boreal Forest? IMBD Explores a Wilderness Treasure

America's Bird Nursery: The Importance of the Boreal Forest to Breeding Birds

A Forest Under Siege: Threats to the Boreal Forest

Materials for Past IMBD Themes

IMBD 2007: Climate Change

IMBD 2006: The Boreal Forest -- Bird Nursery of the North explores a threatened wilderness wonderland and its importance to birds of the Americas.

IMBD 2005: Collisions! Clear the Way for Birds examined the obstacles birds may encounter in flight and explore the many ways we may minimize their impacts.

IMBD 2004: Birds of a Feather, Nesting Together showcased colonial-breeding birds, and the challenges and opportunities associated with their conservation.

IMBD 2003: Catalysts for Conservation revealed the role that birds have played in shaping the conservation movement.

IMBD 2002: Exploring Habitats, the Special Places for Birds highlighted Important Bird Areas and other special places for birds.

IMBD 2001: Taste of the Tropics explored the benefits of shade-grown coffee to birds.

IMBD 2000: Focus on a Falcon celebrated the recovery of the Peregrine Falcon.

More Bird- or Conservation-Related Materials

Free Bird Pamphlets, covering general backyard birding subjects, are available through U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Division of Migratory Bird Management.

Try the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Circular Migration of Birds for in-depth explanations of many aspects of bird migration, including migration patterns, routes, and obstacles. Note that it's big: 113 pages!. is an interactive website that promotes "citizen science." Explore data-collection projects like Classroom Feeder Watch.

Fifty Birds of Town & City is a colorful on-line guide to introduce new birders to our most familiar feathered friends.

Fact Sheets in English and Spanish on a number of migratory bird topics are available from Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

The Cats Indoors Campaign offers tools and resources to help you spread the word about the benefits of keeping cats indoors.

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