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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a sponsor of this Partners in Flight Outreach Program.

International Migratory Bird Day 2008


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Find Out About IMBD Events...
And Let the World Know About Yours!

Register and explore future IMBD Events on the Explorer's Maps. (This link will open in a new window. Scroll down the page for events across the hemisphere.)

Registering your event on an IMBD website is one of the simple ways to advertise your event. Just as importantly, registering your event gives the IMBD coordinators information on the growth of the IMBD movement.

Group at Bird Fest

Please register any public activity, large or small. We also encourage you to register private or invite-only activities (if you are comfortable doing so); just be sure to describe them as such.

You can also review past IMBD events (in the U.S., since 2000) by location. (This link opens a Word file; use your Search function to find States and Sites.)

Please let us know about additional events that have already passed...we still like to know about them!

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Revised May 9, 2008