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International Migratory Bird Day 2009


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In its simplest form, IMBD is a one-day celebration of migratory birds: their beauty, their amazing abilities, and the benefits they provide people. It is set on the second Saturday in May, to coincide with the return of spring migrants. In its fullest form, IMBD is a year-round movement to promote awareness and concern for a group of birds that face threats to their survival on many fronts. Teachers and their students can participate in IMBD by learning about the day and the birds that it celebrates.

IMBD Teaching Materials

A variety of promotional and educational materials are available through the IMBD Catalog (available online), which is updated annually. Posters, t-shirts, and stickers are a good way to display support and generate excitement. Educator guides (e.g., Flying WILD and Bridges to Birding) and kids' publications (e.g., Feathered Travelers and the Jr. Birder Patch Program) provide activities and readings appropriate for the celebration in May as well as the months leading up to IMBD.

Try these additional links to migratory bird education programs.

Field Trips/Guest Speakers

Probably the most inspiring and memorable way to celebrate IMBD is to take a field trip to see the real thing. Without too much difficulty, teachers should be able to obtain the assistance of staff at a nearby park, refuge, wild bird store, or nature center, or a member of a local birding or nature club, to help their students discover the migratory birds in their area.

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