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Since 2002, more than $50.1 million in grants.

Grants have supported 451 projects in 36 countries.

Partners have contributed an additional $190.6 million.

More than 3.7 million acres of habitat affected.

2014 Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act Grants Announced
29 proposals submitted to the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act grant program were approved for funding in 2014.  The grants total $3.6 million with $12 million in matching funds and will take place in 20 countries.
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IMPACT (Identifying Measures of Performance and Achieving Conservation Targets)
The NMBCA IMPACT program targets a portion of funding on a group of particularly threatened Neotropical migratory birds with the goal of achieving a measurable biological improvement in these species over the next 5-10 years. Twenty-five to 30 percent of NMBCA funding for 2014 will be dedicated in support of projects that propose to address these species as outlined in these instructions. The remaining 70-75 percent of funds will be dedicated in support of the traditional NMBCA program, where conservation projects addressing any Neotropical migratory bird species are eligible.

How to Be a Better Project Officer
Your performance as a project manager can affect your organization’s ability to obtain future NMBCA grants. The NMBCA program evaluates each grantee and documents performance in permanent files. These files are open to auditors during grant audits.  We also report on grant performance to the proposal selection team, which considers our input as when evaluating new grant applications for funding.  So how can you be the best project officer possible?  We’ve got some helpful tips for you.
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Highlight Your NMBCA Project on the Eco-Index®
The Eco-Index® database includes information about more than 1,250 inspiring conservation projects in the Americas. Project managers may upload maps, project summaries, accomplishments, web links and more. Many NMBCA-funded projects are already among these. Is yours?
Go to the Eco-Index® and upload your project today!

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