As you have already read on the Division's homepage, our purpose in life is to support habitat conservation partnerships. We do that by administering the North American Wetlands Conservation Act and Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act grants programs, by serving as staff to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan Committee and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative U.S. Committee, and by administering the Federal Duck Stamp program.

Our office is staffed by grant proposal coordinators, grant administrators, database managers, outreach specialists, assessment biologists, bird plan liaisons, and administrative and management staffs. We would like to introduce ourselves to you through the links below. Let us know how we can help you.

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Physical address: 4501 N. Fairfax Drive, Fourth Floor, Arlington, VA 22203
Mailing address: 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, MS-ARLSQ 4075, Arlington, VA 22203
Telephone: (703) 358-1784;  fax (703) 358-2282

Office of the Chief
Cyndi Perry Division Chief (703) 358-2432 Rm. 4076
Michael Kreger Deputy Chief (703) 358-2489 Rm. 4074
Business Operations Branch
Michael Kreger Branch Chief (703) 358-2489 Rm. 4074
Brima Battle Publications and web design, website manager (703) 358-1923 Rm. 4070
Nina Bowden Travel authorizations and vouchers for invitational travelers, DTS, orders supplies, clerical duties (703) 358-1775 Rm. 4075
Colleen Holland Budget and finance manager (703) 358-2180 Rm. 4069
Rachel Levin NAWMP, JV, Duck Stamp outreach and communication, social media, Jr. Duck Stamp coordinator (703) 358-2405 Rm. 4080
Rachel Penrod(part time) NAWCA, NMBCA outreach and communication, social media (703) 358-1894 Rm. 4053
Celisa Riley Budget and finance support, FBMS (703) 358-2274 Rm. 4061
Grants Branch
Leakhena Au Branch Chief (703) 358-2463 Rm. 4073
Lacy Alison NAWCA Small and Standard Grants administrator (703) 358-2552 Rm. 4068
David Buie US Standard Grants proposal coordinator, USFWS representative on the NAWCA Council staff MW: (410) 766-1316 TF:(301) 497-5870
Rm. 4053, 1
Guy Foulks NMBCA coordinator and grants administrator, NAWCA policy (703) 358-1944 Rm. 4062
Andrea Grosse NMBCA assistant coordinator, NAWCA and NMBCA grants administrator (703) 358-2472 Rm. 4053
Rodecia McKnight NAWCA Small Grants coordinator and administrator (703) 358-2463 Rm. 4061
Ellen Murphy NAWCA Mexico coordinator (703) 358-1937 Rm. 4067
Meenakshi Nagendran US Standard Grants administrator   Rm. 4068
Christina Ryder NAWCA Canada coordinator, U.S. Standard Grants administrator (703) 358-1848 Rm. 4051
Stacy Sanchez NAWCA and NMBCA program support (703) 358-2017 Rm. 4054
Science and Planning Branch
David Gordon Branch Chief (703) 358-2025 Rm. 4079
Roxanne Bogart (part time) All-Birds Bulletin, NABCI, JV communication, other science projects (413) 253-8582 2
Jorge Coppen NAWMP, NSST coordinator (301) 497-5792 1
Suzanne Fellows Program coordinator, Duck Stamp Program (703) 358-2145 Rm. 4077
Ken Kriese JV coordination, other science projects (703) 358-1888 Rm. 4080
Laurie Shaffer Chief, Duck Stamp Program (703) 358-2002 Rm. 4077

1 David Buie and Jorge Coppen, USFWS, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, 11510 American Holly Dr., Laurel, MD 20708

2 Roxanne Bogart, Migratory Bird Program, USFWS, 300 Westgate Center Dr., Hadley, MA 01035-9587

Last updated: May 7, 2014