Baton Rouge Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office
Southeast Region
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Welcome to Baton Rouge fish and Wildlife Conservation Office

Credit: USFWS

Credit: USFWS

Established: 1978. (Previously located at Jackson, Mississippi and Natchitoches, Louisiana; located at Baton Rouge since 1993.)

Aquatic resource monitoring and development of aquatic resource management plans and recommendations for national wildlife refuges, tribal lands and other federal lands. Various types of technical assistance in interjurisdictional fisheries restoration and management. Technical assistance in recovery of species listed as threatened or endangered. Participate on Fish and Wildlife Service’s Lower Mississippi River Ecosystem Team’s Contaminants and Fisheries committees. Fish population and water quality sampling in the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana as part of multi-agency studies to monitor response to hydrological management in the basin. Monitoring Gulf sturgeon populations in Lake Pontchartrain rivers. Monitoring pallid sturgeon populations in Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers. Assist State of Louisiana with anadromas striped bass restoration.


Hurricane Gustav Multi-Agency Water Quality Monitoring

We are underway with a new Gulf Sturgeon monitoring effort


Last updated: July 28, 2010