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Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge - Woodworth, North Dakota

Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge, lying 15 miles northwest of Medina in North Dakotas famous prairie pothole country, was established as one of the country's first wildlife refuges in 1908 by executive order of President Theodore Roosevelt. The refuge was established primarily to protect the native American White Pelican, which was threatened by the uncontrolled shooting commonly practiced at the time. The Refuge is one of two wilderness refuges in North Dakota, and designated as one of America's 500 Most Important Bird Areas by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

Photo of the refuge entrance sign - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Chase Lake Pass allows visitors to view the vast expanse of Chase Lake

Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge
5924 19th St SE
Woodworth, ND 58496

701-752-4218 (voice)*

* Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals may reach the Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge through Relay North Dakota by dialing:

  • 711
  • 1-800-366-6888 (TTY)
  • 1-800-366-6889 (voice)
  • 1-877-366-3709 (speech to speech)
  • 1-800-435-8590 (Spanish services)

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