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Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge - Woodworth, North Dakota


The Refuge lies on the Missouri Coteau, a scenic area of sharp rolling hills dotted with thousands of various-sized wetlands. The 4,385 acre Refuge is composed of 50 percent water and 50 percent upland. Chase Lake itself comprises 2,053 acres and lies totally within the Refuge boundary. Chase Lake is highly alkaline, has no outlet and supports no aquatic vertebrates. Besides Chase Lake, there are several other major associated wetlands on the Refuge including one large saline wetland, one impounded wetland, three semi-permanent wetlands, one large fen, and several temporary and seasonal wetlands. Except for the impounded wetland and Chase Lake proper, most of the other wetlands become dry by mid-summer.

Photo of a wetland - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Rick Bohn
View of Chase Lake NWR from the Northeast. The white areas are nesting pelicans.

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