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Chase Lake Wetland Management District - Woodworth, North Dakota

Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuges

Refuge boundary sign

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service sometimes acquires Refuges which include less-than-fee-title interests in lands to protect certain habitats or purchase certain water rights. Looking back in time, many of the Limited-interest Refuges were established during the waterfowl crisis of the 1930's, when drought and over hunting had taken a toll on waterfowl populations.

The Chase Lake WMD administers one Limited-interest National Wildlife Refuge called Halfway Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Stutsman County, established on May 10, 1939 by Executive Order signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The 160 acre Halfway Lake was established as a sanctuary and closed area for migratory birds and other trust species of wildlife. This refuge remains in private ownership and is closed to all public use. No hunting is permitted.

Photo of a refuge boundary sign and the landscape behind it - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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