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Chase Lake Wetland Management District - Woodworth, North Dakota


Fishing within the District is available summer and winter. Fishing on the ice in the winter is far more popular than fishing during warmer weather. Permanent lakes in the District offer fishing for northern pike, perch, walleye and a few other species. Parts of these lakes may be Waterfowl Production Areas. These areas are open to fishing according to State regulations and Special Refuge Regulations.

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has actively stocked many wetlands that are experiencing high water levels. Perch and northern pike are commonly sought by anglers in these situations.

Fertility in these less permanent wetlands is high and growth rates of fish are often phenomenal. These semi-permanent wetlands are heavily fished during the winter months when access on the ice is good. Again, portions of these lakes may be Waterfowl Production Areas where both State fishing regulations and Special Refuge Regulations apply. Contact District headquarters for information on regulations and lakes with good fishing opportunities.

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