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Arrowwood Wetland Management District - Pingree, North Dakota


Arrowwood Wetland Management District provides year round habitat for many species of wildlife and is visited by many migratory birds during the spring and fall.

Large flocks of birds utilize the wetlands in the spring and fall. During this time, peak concentrations can reach thousands of various waterfowl species. The principal waterfowl nesting species are Canada geese, mallards, pintails, blue-winged teal, shovelers, and gadwall.

Other nesting marsh and water birds include eared, western, and pied-bill grebes; double-crested cormorants; great blue herons; black-crowned night herons; and American bitterns. Shorebirds, such as killdeer, plovers, sandpipers, willets, yellowlegs, marbled godwits, American avocets, and phalaropes are plentiful during migration.

Photo of a Canada goose - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Photo of a gadwall hen with a duckling - Photo credit:  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Some songbirds, such as meadowlarks, sparrows, and swallows, are easily seen from roads, while others are best found by walking and quietly observing. The district is also home to white-tailed deer, badger, skunk, beaver, raccoon, mink, muskrat, ring necked pheasant, and sharp tailed grouse.

The District does many things to benefit waterfowl and other wildlife species. Management techniques include artificial nesting structures, wetland creation and restoration, water level management, prescribed burning, farming, haying, grazing, and law enforcement. These techniques enhance and create a diversity of habitats that are used by many wildlife species throughout the year.

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