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Arrowwood Wetland Management District - Pingree, North Dakota


Hunting and trapping are permitted in accordance with State and Federal laws on all Waterfowl Production Areas. All state regulations apply and state issued licenses are required. Non-Toxic shot is required for all shotgun hunting. Legal weapons are bow and arrow, and state allowed firearms and muzzleloaders.

Walk in access is permitted year-round but vehicle use is strictly prohibited. Temporary tree stands are permitted but must be removed daily. They cannot be nailed or screwed directly into the tree since permanent tree stands are prohibited. Contact the District Manager for current regulations prior to hunting.

Waterfowl hunting is very popular in the District. Giant Canada geese, mallard, pintail, teal, gadwall, shoveler and redhead are common local nesting birds. Fall migrations bring other species of waterfowl such as snow geese, white-fronted geese, and sandhill cranes which do not nest locally.

Upland game birds commonly hunted are pheasants, sharptail grouse, and Hungarian or gray partridge. Whitetail deer are common throughout the District and hunters enjoy a very high success rate.

Visit the Maps section for county maps and individual WPA aerial photos, or contact District headquarters for further information. License information is available through the North Dakota Game and Fish Department link on the Links page. Information on lodging in the communities within the District is available in the North Dakota Department of Tourism link on the Links page.

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