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News Release

February 3, 2011

Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge: Openings and Closures for February

Refuge Manager Mike Bryant reminds us the Laurel Bay Unit of the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is open to the public during the month of February; however, a few smaller areas of the refuge will be closed temporarily for road or project work.

Refuge visitors who are interested in small game hunting, fishing, birding, or just getting out and exploring are invited to enjoy access to the Laurel Bay Unit, which is the farming area west of Buffalo City Road. Hunters should be sure to have a refuge hunting permit and note that closed areas within the Laurel Bay Unit are marked accordingly on the map in the hunt leaflet. Laurel Bay, River, Hook, Osprey and Pump Roads are open in the Laurel Bay Unit at this time. The remaining roads (Beaver, Wynn & Hickory) are impassable due to recent wet weather and will be opened as they dry out enough to withstand traffic.

Point Peter Road will be closed most of February for installation of water control structures in relation to the Sea-level Rise Adaptations Study. Several water control structures will be installed in the canals of the area to allow better control of run-off and increased sheet-flow.

Photos credits: FWS

Water Control Structure
Existing water control structure under Point Peter Road. During this construction phase of the project, two more 24" structures like this will be added under the road. These structures will facilitate sheet-flow to the north of Point Peter Road and cut down on runoff into the sounds.

Water Control Structure
One unit consisting of three 48" pipes bolted together will be replacing the two-pipe structure shown below in the canal parallel to the road (on the south side of Point Peter Road). The way the "plumbing" is currently, all associated runoff and canal drainage from 264 goes out this canal. Once these three structures are added, water can still go out of the canal (in a controlled flow, instead of a steady, constant flow). The other pipes (above, under the road) will accommodate the remainder of the water discharge with the sheet flow (thru the swamp / marsh) runoff instead of a constant / steady flow out of Point Peter canal.