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March 20, 2008

Connecting People with Nature... with Partners!

There's only one thing better than connecting people with nature... and that's accomplishing it with partners! With partners, the sky's the limit! Whether it's in outreach, Visitor Services, Strategic Habitat Conservation, or duck counting, as the old proverb goes, "Many hands make light work!"

But, the real trick is to have the right partners. Wings Over Water is a celebration of wildlife and wildlands in eastern North Carolina. WOW is now in its 12th year -- and our partnership is really approaching perfection!

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce has been a major player since Day No. 1 and has "hung with us" through thick and thin. They bring the businesses of the Outer Banks to the table. They handle registration for the event, and they handle it so well, Angie Brady-Daniels and Sue Carroll won RD's Honor Awards last year as a grand prize for all their refuge support!

Pat Moore is our "birder extraordinaire" and also has been with WOW since the very beginning. She began by representing the Cape Hatteras Bird Club, and she has grown the birding portion of the event and brought the Carolina Bird Club to the table, as well.

The Coastal Wildlife Refuge Society always has been there for financial support and whatever other assistance was needed.

In the last two years, WOW has gained two new sponsors that helped us tip the scales of success. Roanoke Island Festival Park joined as a planner for the event, providing housing for the trip leaders and coordination for the natural history events.

And, the Outer Banks Sentinel came on-board, bringing their expertise in journalism, professionalism in graphics design, and "can do" attitude.

The present combination is incredibly productive and just plain fun.

Sandy Semans, editor for the Sentinel, just sent me the cover for this year's 56-page, 8.5-by-11-inch, full color publication (50,000 copies, completely paid for by paid advertising within the community) with the following comment: "Everyone in the office hates this cover but me -- good thing they can't fire me, eh?"

The publication will be out by the end of March. In the welcome message in the front of the magazine, Sandy adds, "Please remember to bring sunscreen, mosquito spray and a sense of humor -- the first two are suggested; the latter required."

Registration for the 2008 event begins soon. Visit the Wings Over Water web site at for more information. Or contact the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce ( or 252-442-8144) to have a copy of the registration book mailed to you.

Angie, Sue and Sam
Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce has been a loyal partner of WOW since the beginning. Above, Angie Brady-Daniels and Sue Carroll received the RD's Honor Award from Sam Hamilton last year for their work with WOW and their roles as ambassadors for refuges in the community.
Photo Credit: Bonnie Strawser

Cover of OBX Wild
Front cover of the 2008 OBX Wild Magazine - which has grown out of the Wings Over Water Wildlife Festival.
Photo Credit: Outer Banks Sentinel

OBX Wild Page
A page from the 2008 OBX Wild Magazine
Photo Credit: Outer Banks Sentinel